Are you ready to be a non-smoker in just 7 days with makemeSMOKEFREE?  You can do this unique hypnosis programme in your own home and in your own time. No drugs, patches, seminars, or endless appointments.

Many people, including tons of celebrities have used hypnosis to quit smoking and now you can do it too. And makemeSMOKEFREE is more than just a hypnosis programme: it's a combination of powerful change techniques that you can practice at your own pace.

Your 30 day programme includes:

  1. Audio, video & text files to guide you step by step that you can use when and where you like.
  2. Powerful hypnosis to prepare your mind and emotions to stop smoking.
  3. Learn deep relaxation techniques (a skill for life).
  4. Learn how to access Instant Calm to combat cravings.
  5. Continue to smoke for the first seven days (a vital part in destroying your habit)
  6. Stop smoking on Day 8 and then use hypnosis audio for less than 10 minutes per day for the remaining 22 days to embed this change, so you stay a non-smoker without the moods and the misery
  7. BONUS Sleep Soundly hypnosis audio to transform your rest
  8. BONUS 3 Minute Mood Resetrack for you to download and keep

makemeSMOKEFREE changes lives....  

Abbey: "When I was a smoker I genuinely thought I enjoyed the morning cigarette, I enjoyed it after food….. I thought I’d be miserable when I stopped smoking, that I couldn’t drink a glass of wine.. I wouldn’t be able to go on a night out and it turns out that’s completely not like that at all! I can go out without it bothering me.. do anything. It’s completely changed my life!"*   

Clem: "The programme is fantastic - I quit smoking and I didn’t think I would. My breath doesn’t stink.. I feel a lot happier.. not reliant on anything… I feel so much better."*   

Beth"My colleagues can’t believe I’m not moaning about wanting a cigarette or going on about how well I’m doing.. I’ve just quit.. just did it. And I wouldn’t have been able to do that without makemeSMOKEFREE."*  

Brent: "My life is so much better. When I wake up in the morning my breathing is better: I feel better. I find myself walking past the cigarette kiosk grinning because I know I’m not wasting my money now."*

  *As you'd expect everyone has a different experience and effort is required.


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makemeSMOKEFREE is more than hypnosis alone...   You might be wondering if hypnosis is for you? There are lots of misconceptions about what hypnosis is... mainly fuelled by stage shows of people's minds apparently being 'taken over'. This does not happen, in fact this cannot happen. If you've ever been so engrossed in a movie that it almost feels like you're in it, then you've already experienced hypnosis. It has long been used to support people giving up smoking and is an accepted treatment for anxiety and other stress conditions like IBS, so you can be assured that it's safe. The exception is that it is not recommended if you have been diagnosed with a psychotic illness. Of course if you are unsure, do consult your doctor and I'll be happy to answer any questions you have. All of the hypnosis in this programme includes suggestions for increased energy and a new sense of wellbeing and people do report feeling "brighter and lighter" within a couple of days.

QuitCOACH Sarah Kallend

Sarah Kallend

12 years ago I gave up smoking and it was the hardest thing I ever did! I then lived for years as a 'smoker who wouldn't allow myself to smoke'. I always felt like I was missing out and only resisting the temptation start again because I had found it SO hard to quit in the first place. Nowadays I am a coach and qualified therapist working with people who want to make all kinds of changes in their lives and I know that it doesn't have to be like that for you. I created makemeSMOKEFREE to make quitting quick, drug free and permanent and that's just what it delivers.

Yes, I want to quit smoking using hypnosis and learn powerful techniques that will stay with me for life...